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Since Oct,2008

Since Oct,2008
My anak2ku - My life!

Hi there!

I try to figure out what sort of blog that I want to write.. without any interesting idea on my mind, limited time and knowledge. Finally I decided to share my experience of starting a new phase of my life: being a father of my two charming prince and my two beautiful princess whose name are Iman Hafiy (19/02/2007), Siti Fadiyah (18/04/08) and Siti Fathiyah (20/11/2009) & Iman Hazim (19/09/2011)
Everytime I look at them.. I see hope renewed and how simple life can be.

* My thanks go to my beloved wife for showing me the real definitions of marriage and being the best mother for our kids..

Happy birthday Sweetie (Nov,20th 2009)

No matter how many Birthdays come and go, you will always be my little princess.
Happy Birthday my sweetie!  - See more at:
No matter how many birthdays come and go, you will always be my little princess.  Happy birthday!

Sister fights

Jiji turns five on April 18th and Dedek turns four on Nov, 21st.  They got along beautifully until last year.  Now it seems they fight all the time over toys, cartoon channel and who look alike Barbie (Can you imagine how complicated to be a judge!).  Most of the time, I keep an eye on things but try to stay out of the fight by reminding myself that they usually can resolve it themselves. 

If they can’t resolve a conflict on their own, I act first as a mediator, teaching them how to listen to one another’s point of view.  I help them brainstorm solutions and negotiate.  If they force me into taking a stand, I simply try to give each girl the love and support she needs.  I also try to reserve some time for myself each day when I tell the girls I’m “off duty.” 

Now and then, Jiji forgets her strength and gets too pushy with her younger sister.  Sometimes it’s best for me to ignore their arguing, and other times I need to step in and send them to their rooms to cool down.  Different methods work better at different times.  They aren’t the same every day, and neither am I.  If I’ve had an easy day, then I can be more tolerant and patient.

 Good thing is they sleep together sharing pillow and blanket!

Happy New Year 2013!


Yeah... I know, I know! It's been ages since I've posted anything. I just haven't had the time since Iman Hazim was born. Oh yeah...I never even posted that I had him.  I also know, when it comes to blogging, I fail miserably but give me a break, I'm still adjusting to this whole "being a father of four" thing. Haha..Life is crazy to say the least. Work is super busy, and any free time I have is spent with my kids and wonderful wife. This blog is constantly in the back of my mind nagging at me to get on here to update and keep a record of all the amazing things their doing now, but seriously, I never have time.

Anyhow, update on Iman Hazim. He is growing so fast! At his 3 month clinic reviewed he weighed 7 kg! He was born with weighed 3.6 Kg. He coos, baby talks, laughs, and smiles all the time now and there is nothing in the world that melts my heart than that.

I was born on Sept,19th (7.50am) Hospital Nukleus, Labuan

Well I hope to get some pictures on here soon but until then, check out my facebook...there's plenty of pictures there!

New Year Resolutions: 
Bettery magazines

Tap into your inner child
Kids don’t know about schedules, prejudices or stress. They are open minded, happy and thirsty for knowledge — emulate their joyous ignorance and your adult burdens will feel much lighter: listen to street musicians, watch birds in the street, tell silly jokes, say hello to strangers, play, take your time, smile!

Jika anak dibesarkan dengan PERMUSUHAN, dia belajar BERKELAHI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan CEMUHAN, dia belajar RENDAH DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan PENGHINAAN, dia belajar MENYESALI DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan TOLERANSI, dia belajar MENAHAN DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan KEMEWAHAN, dia belajar PEMBAZIRAN,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan KESEDERHANAAN, dia belajar MENSYUKURI, dan
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan DORONGAN, dia belajar PERCAYAKAN KASIH SAYANG!