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Since Oct,2008

Since Oct,2008
My anak2ku - My life!

Hi there!

I try to figure out what sort of blog that I want to write.. without any interesting idea on my mind, limited time and knowledge. Finally I decided to share my experience of starting a new phase of my life: being a father of my two charming prince and my two beautiful princess whose name are Iman Hafiy (19/02/2007), Siti Fadiyah (18/04/08) and Siti Fathiyah (20/11/2009) & Iman Hazim (19/09/2011)
Everytime I look at them.. I see hope renewed and how simple life can be.

* My thanks go to my beloved wife for showing me the real definitions of marriage and being the best mother for our kids..

Neat and tidy.. please..

I wish and I want to instill in my children a sense of pride in taking care of their things, pride in a job that was done to the finish and done well or correctly. I've tried teaching them how serious it is to have a "chaos room" when it's messy. I've tried allowances for chores but I don't feel like they should get paid for doing things they should be doing already. 

Ultimately, I want to develop self-discipline. It's something we all have to do everyday and if.         I can give them the right mindset to tackle it with efficiency, pride and some level of gratefulness, instead of shaming them into cleaning. 

Papa bangga dengan Dedek, semuanya dalam keadaan yang teratur. Kadang-kadang sampai berpeluh-peluh dia mengemas seorang diri.  Dia melakukan tanpa perlu disuruh dan tidak juga untuk dipuji.  Alhamdulillah..

I love you all!

Mac 26, 2015

Agak sukar untuk mencuri masa mengemaskini blog, sedang begitu banyak perkara yang berlalu begitu sahaja tanpa didokumentasi.  Rasanya, tujuan asal Papa membuat blog ini agar pada suatu hari nanti anak-anak Papa boleh membacanya.  Maka blog ini akan melalui perubahan lebih kepada suatu jurnal anak-anak papa.. dari sudut kaca mata papa dan mama.

Sedang Papa sibuk buat kerja dapat teks whatsapp dari mama.. dan rupa-rupanya dari si dedek.
 Dialognya lebih kurang begini;
Dedek : Papa ni suka abang ikbal 
Papa : Napa dedek?
Dedek: Papa ni suka abang ikbal papa tak suka kami bertiga
Papa: Aik napa cakap begitu?
... Tiada jawapan
Kemudian balik dari pejabat ternampak Dedek sedang bermain di taman.  Papa terus berjumpanya.

Papa : Hi Dedek (Usap rambutnya)
Dedek : Hi Papa (dengan senyuman manisnya..)
Papa : Awalnya adik turun main..?
Dedek hanya tersengih..
Papa : Dedek hantar mesej sama papa tadi kan.. kenapa dedek cakap gitu?
Dedek : Ya lah.. ari tu dekat rumah grandpa, papa cakap sayang dengan abang Ikbal..
Papa : Papa memang sayang abang Ikbal.. Tapi papa sayang semua anak papa juga..
Dedek hanya tersenyum...

Adui baru teringat memang Papa ada bergurau dengannya, masa tu ada Mama juga dan kami berpakat kononnya sayang Iqbal jak.. Masa tu reaksinya hanya tersenyum tetapi  rupanya dia pendam perasaannya. Dan baru Papa sedari si Dedek jarang mengadu berbanding abang dan kakaknya. Maafkan Papa ya Dedek.

My princess.. Get well soon..


Dec, 13th 2014

Those photos given by my colleague (middle pic.) Photo taken when she came to office, don't really remember for what reason. If not mistaken she was three or four years.. she looked  fabolous with  glasses. 

My dear Jiji.. she got fever.. the third day.
We were worry terribly but keep on monitor his body's temperature.
Pity her.. learn to swallow pcm's tablet as she never had before.
So today mama bring her to see doctor and as we expected 'on-antibiotic'.
For her sake.. we will do anything..
But quite relief and glad there are nothing much serious.
I was touched when she kept on saying want to return back at our old house..

I make a promised.
Amin.. Ya rabbal al amin.

Abang turns 7!

19th February 2014

Pagi ni abang bangun, terus mama wish 'Happy Birthday' lepas tu papa pun wish juga, dia senyum happy "papa kasi surprise birthday saya ok".  Papa senyum aja "Abang punya birthday hari jumaat lah.. sabar ah.." Hmm.. termakan jugalah si abang "Ok papa.. jangan lupa ah bagi surprise!"
Ready mau pergi sekolah agama. Wah hensem anak papa! dah besar.. macam sekelip mata 7tahun tu.

 Masa abang di sekolah agama, mama&papa, jiji dan dedek keluar town beli persiapan birthday serba ringkas jer.. maaf bang bajet kritikal nie :p tapi nak juga surprise kan si abang.

 Nilah kek kegemarannya "Fruit cheese cake".  Menu lain frozen hawaian chicken pizza. Bolehlah.. Favourite dia juga tu!
 Si baby pula tertidur... puaslah dikejut tak bangun-bangun juga!

Yang baby boy sorang ni, masih blurr apa yang sedang berlaku???
Akhirnya si Jiji awal-awal lagi dah pecah rahsia.  Abang belum masuk rumah dia dah inform "ni hadiah birthday abang, ada kek untuk abang, mama masak pizza!" punya lah geram si mama, sedangkan dah pakat nak surprise.  Akhirnya kek dibawa keluar dan semua nyanyi lagu birthday. Kira surprise jugalah..
Happynya si abang.  Mohon ampun dan maaf tak dapat jemput.  Saja nak surprise kan si abang dengan bajet yang ciput.

  • No matter how much you grow up, for me (us) you are always going to remain the youngest, the dearest and the smartest sonny boy. Wishing you happy birthday and may all your dreams for the future come true.
  • Thanks to you dearest son, we can call ourselves proud parents. Have a great day and a great year ahead.
  • We have cherished all the priceless moments watching you grow up and we will always remember these tender memories for the rest of our lives. Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way.
  • Many years ago on this very day, you came into our lives and brought us happiness, joy and a lot of love. Happy Birthday to the best son in the whole wide world!
  • Every single day since you was born, you’ve added something so amazing to my world t

    hat I can’t even imagine my life without you in it.Happy Birthday my beloved son!
  • Every day you find a way to bring a smile to my face. Hope your birthday brings a smile to yours!
  • With love and best wishes to a perfect son for a wonderful Birthday!
  • Wherever life will take you, whatever endeavors that you choose, I will always be so proud of you! Happy Birthday, my son!"
  • Having a son like you is reason to be proud and happy - not just on your special day, but always! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being you.
  • A day never goes by that you are not thought about with love, smile and happy memories. Wishing you joy and happiness all year through!
  • Having a son like you to love is the dearest blessing by far. May your Birthday be blessed with everything God wants to give you!
  • You are loved for the smart kid you were, the charming person you are now, and the wonderful son you will always be! Happy Birthday to you, son!

Mixed emotions!


Hi there,
I love watching them grow and become their own person but at the same time it is a bit sad, bittersweet as they say.  I have mixed emotions on that.

A part of me is sad because they grow up so fast. Now they depend on us on almost everything. And when I think about it, in some years or so, they will start to do things their way. The thought of my kids needing us less is really scary.

The other part of me is happy that a little by little, they are learning to stand up on their own. It only assures us that we have raised them well. 


Happy birthday Sweetie (Nov,20th 2009)

No matter how many Birthdays come and go, you will always be my little princess.
Happy Birthday my sweetie!  - See more at:
No matter how many birthdays come and go, you will always be my little princess.  Happy birthday!

Sister fights

Jiji turns five on April 18th and Dedek turns four on Nov, 21st.  They got along beautifully until last year.  Now it seems they fight all the time over toys, cartoon channel and who look alike Barbie (Can you imagine how complicated to be a judge!).  Most of the time, I keep an eye on things but try to stay out of the fight by reminding myself that they usually can resolve it themselves. 

If they can’t resolve a conflict on their own, I act first as a mediator, teaching them how to listen to one another’s point of view.  I help them brainstorm solutions and negotiate.  If they force me into taking a stand, I simply try to give each girl the love and support she needs.  I also try to reserve some time for myself each day when I tell the girls I’m “off duty.” 

Now and then, Jiji forgets her strength and gets too pushy with her younger sister.  Sometimes it’s best for me to ignore their arguing, and other times I need to step in and send them to their rooms to cool down.  Different methods work better at different times.  They aren’t the same every day, and neither am I.  If I’ve had an easy day, then I can be more tolerant and patient.

 Good thing is they sleep together sharing pillow and blanket!

Jika anak dibesarkan dengan PERMUSUHAN, dia belajar BERKELAHI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan CEMUHAN, dia belajar RENDAH DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan PENGHINAAN, dia belajar MENYESALI DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan TOLERANSI, dia belajar MENAHAN DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan KEMEWAHAN, dia belajar PEMBAZIRAN,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan KESEDERHANAAN, dia belajar MENSYUKURI, dan
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan DORONGAN, dia belajar PERCAYAKAN KASIH SAYANG!