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Since Oct,2008

Since Oct,2008
My anak2ku - My life!

Hi there!

I try to figure out what sort of blog that I want to write.. without any interesting idea on my mind, limited time and knowledge. Finally I decided to share my experience of starting a new phase of my life: being a father of my two charming prince and my two beautiful princess whose name are Iman Hafiy (19/02/2007), Siti Fadiyah (18/04/08) and Siti Fathiyah (20/11/2009) & Iman Hazim (19/09/2011)
Everytime I look at them.. I see hope renewed and how simple life can be.

* My thanks go to my beloved wife for showing me the real definitions of marriage and being the best mother for our kids..

Twin? Boy?

Finding out mama got pregnant was a very exciting and nervous time in my life. Once we've had that positive pregnancy test we are faced with many decisions, one of which is when should we tell and whom should tell.

Some people believe only in telling their immediate family for fear of early pregnancy loss. Most people fall into a middle ground on who they begin telling.Any way you tell them it is sure to be a moment that they will remember forever.

We were having tea time and got the idea maybe this was the right time to tell abang:

Mama:  Abang.. come..  nanti abang dapat baby baru.
Abang: Huh!!! (excited) dalam perut mama?
Mama: Iya bang.  Tapi masih kecil lagi.
Abang: Horeyyy!!! kembarkah mama?
Mama: Hmm.. nda tau lagi abang. Napa abang mau twin?
Abang: Mau.. macam Upin Ipin.. macam Akil Akim (referred his classmates)
Mama: Abang mau kasi nama apa?
Abang: Iman Hafiy
Mama: Tu kan nama abang.. mana boleh..
Abang : Boleh! 
Papa:  Kalau twin.. yang satu lagi nama apa?
Abang: Iman Hafiz
Papa:  Kalau baby girl?
Abang:  Nda mau, abang mau boy.

As if, it was for sure we are going to have twin baby and baby boy... Twin? Nah.. single only. Boy? we decide to keep it for surprise. The picture taken after the conversation, he was enjoying on his karaoke session.  To celebrate maybe :)

Jika anak dibesarkan dengan PERMUSUHAN, dia belajar BERKELAHI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan CEMUHAN, dia belajar RENDAH DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan PENGHINAAN, dia belajar MENYESALI DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan TOLERANSI, dia belajar MENAHAN DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan KEMEWAHAN, dia belajar PEMBAZIRAN,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan KESEDERHANAAN, dia belajar MENSYUKURI, dan
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan DORONGAN, dia belajar PERCAYAKAN KASIH SAYANG!