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Since Oct,2008

Since Oct,2008
My anak2ku - My life!

Hi there!

I try to figure out what sort of blog that I want to write.. without any interesting idea on my mind, limited time and knowledge. Finally I decided to share my experience of starting a new phase of my life: being a father of my two charming prince and my two beautiful princess whose name are Iman Hafiy (19/02/2007), Siti Fadiyah (18/04/08) and Siti Fathiyah (20/11/2009) & Iman Hazim (19/09/2011)
Everytime I look at them.. I see hope renewed and how simple life can be.

* My thanks go to my beloved wife for showing me the real definitions of marriage and being the best mother for our kids..


It was Jiji's first time to the beach and abg's first time swims.

Papa janggut and bonda.. idly sun tanned..

'wait me up.. abang!'

'shame on me..'

'Llove my tent'

Jijie's 10 mnths

Jiji can I have a look? please..

Time's up! that's mine bro..

emm.. what to fill inside huh??

Yeah.. my stuff.. bottle, blouse, skirt, diapers, etc.. zzzz

Dec, 18th.. Jijie's turn to 10mnths.. time goes by so fast.


Stunning.. christmas tree

last nite we rushed to emergency room.. Abang had allergy.. body itching, rashes, reddish and a bit swell. Before went to hospital mama gave 'piriton.' Miraclely.. when the doc examined him all those symptoms simply gone.. well2 thank god!.. since mama is happened to work over night, she drove us back. all nite long I couldn't sleep well.. worry if he got fever.

Monthly basis' review

C'mon hurry up! or I'll miss my 'Jim Jam'

mama don't fix it.. it has to be short!

Ready.. Im yours nurse..

never stop being curiousity! rite papa?

Am I in trouble? my review was few days lates!

We all in blue color Oo!!

when mama not around..


Mama went down to KK escorted patient.. we were so lonely.. Chanell 611 all nite long..Luckily around 9pm they oready fall slept.

Next PM..


Mama and papa with the glass.. abang?



Need me to accompany for shopping.. 1. stroller 2. drinks 3. baloon etc..etc.. easy rite?

They're growing!


Jika anak dibesarkan dengan PERMUSUHAN, dia belajar BERKELAHI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan CEMUHAN, dia belajar RENDAH DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan PENGHINAAN, dia belajar MENYESALI DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan TOLERANSI, dia belajar MENAHAN DIRI,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan KEMEWAHAN, dia belajar PEMBAZIRAN,
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan KESEDERHANAAN, dia belajar MENSYUKURI, dan
Jika anak dibesarkan dengan DORONGAN, dia belajar PERCAYAKAN KASIH SAYANG!